• PYP Visual Arts Specialist Teacher
  • PYP Physical Education Specialist Teacher
  • PYP Homeroom Teacher (Lower Elementary G1-2)
  • PYP Homeroom Teacher (Upper Elementary G3-5)
  • PYP Homeroom Teacher (Early Childhood - Pre-K / Kindergarten)
  • PYP Music/Performing Arts Specialist Teacher
  • Assistant Principal
  • MYP/DP Chinese Teacher
  • MYP Science Teacher
  • MYP/DP Visual Art Teacher
  • MYP/DP Biology Teacher
  • MYP/DP Language and Literature Teacher
  • MYP/DP Individuals & Societies Teacher
  • DP Economics/ Business Management Teacher
  • EAL Instructional Coach

Requirements to teach at AISVN

Bachelor’s degree; Master’s degree preferred.
A valid teaching credential in subject area and appointed school level issued by a state or national agency.
Minimum two years (full academic years) of full-time teaching in a PK-12 setting; IB experience is preferred but not essential. Satisfactory reference checks and criminal record clearance are required.
Satisfactory results from reference checks, health examination report and criminal record clearance are required.

We believe that our students’ success depends upon a dedicated team of skilled and caring faculty.

We seek teachers who embrace a spirit of collaboration and dedicate themselves to meeting the learning needs of every student.

Teachers at AISVN:

positive and optimistic attitude

patient and 
team players

AISVN General Information

American International School Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is a 3 Programme IB Continuum School. We offer children from 3 years old to Grade 12 a robust curriculum delivered through the program framework of the International Baccalaureate Organization.

More than 90% of our students are Vietnamese nationals intent on pursuing university study in English-speaking cultures. AISVN is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). AISVN has been authorized to offer the IB Diploma Programme since 2010 and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) since July 2020. AISVN is currently a candidate school for the Middle Years Programme (MYP).

Our teacher-student ratio is 1:7. While the faculty is composed of teachers from over 20 different countries, the majority is from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Preparing Multilingual Global Citizens
AISVN is committed to preparing students to become multilingual global citizens. Learning an additional language in our program draws fully upon the student's home language to support the development of academic English. Through this approach, AISVN authentically promotes additive bilingualism as it honors and preserves each student's culture and heritage.
School Calendar

Faculty report for a new school year on or about August 1. New faculty report three work days prior to the full faculty start. The last day of school is on or before mid-June.

The academic calendar includes 180 student-contact days, eight professional days, and a generous vacation schedule. For details about school holidays and other events, please click here.

Compensation and Benefits
An initial contract is offered for two years with salary and benefits competitive among international schools in Vietnam. Teaching staff are placed on the salary scale commensurate with degrees earned and years of full-time experience in PK-12 settings. Salaries are paid over a 12-month period.

Our locally competitive salaries carry the potential for high savings. Benefits include a housing allowance, settling allowance, shipping allowance, health insurance, contract-bookend airfare, sick leave, school holidays, support for professional development and severance allowance. Dependents’ benefits include school fees waiver for two children (and a 50% waiver for the third child), airfare, health insurance and residency visas.
Safe Recruitment

American International School Vietnam is fully committed to ensuring the health and well-being of the children it serves. Its recruitment procedures follow international “Safe Recruitment” guidelines. All teachers hired by AISVN are subject to thorough background checks and must present satisfactory results from both home of record and previous countries in which they have resided. Detailed resumes and reference reports provided by placement agencies, as well as an extensive interview process conducted by the school’s hiring team, help ensure the rigor of the AISVN commitment to “Safe Recruitment.” Former employers are contacted for every hire.

The Council of International Schools website includes a comprehensive resource that provides information on criminal background check procedures worldwide. More information can be found at this link.

AISVN requires all candidates to produce these certificates before arrival at the school as a condition of employment.

AISVN has a strong commitment to technology and Google Apps and Managebac are used throughout the school. We are a one-to-one laptop school from Grade 6-12 and use a combination of iPads and laptops in the Elementary School. Students may access course work from home or from any device in the school. We expect all teachers to be or become versatile with Google Apps. Teachers are issued a PC laptop when they arrive.
Vietnam is a rapidly developing country and there is a great sense of optimism about the future here (a recent study identified the Vietnamese people among the most optimistic people in the world). AISVN shares this optimism and our school is committed to creating a dynamic learning environment for students and teachers that is challenging and rewarding. We are particular about who joins our teaching faculty because we are protective of the quality of learning at one of the most dynamic young schools in Southeast Asia. You need to have a very positive attitude and a strong work ethic to be successful at AISVN. As an educator, if you think you can meet or exceed our expectations, and your personal teaching philosophy aligns with our mission and vision we look forward to hearing from you.

Submit an Application

If you wish to submit an application for possible openings, please contact and send the CV/Portfolio to us at

Or please click here to apply through our online application system (with GRC - Global Recruitment Collaborative,there is no cost involved). As GRC is one of the main databases from which we recruit teachers, all candidates for posted openings can apply through its database.

For an updated list of openings please see the top of this page or visit the GRC website.

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