On 18th June 2022, American International School Vietnam joined the Entrepreneurs' Morning Coffee event at Rex Hotel in District 1. The school was honored to welcome Mr. Phan Van Mai, the HCMC People’s Committee Chairman, to our exhibition desk.

AISVN has recently taken part in the HUBA (HCMC Union of Business Association) with an ambition to introduce the privileged International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes to the children of this organization's members. The IB Continuum is a highly challenging curriculum that promotes children's well-rounded development in academics, physical and socio-emotional health. This event is among the core activities of our plan to build “a truly international IB Education Ecosystem imbued with Vietnamese National Identity.”

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Mr. Phan Van Mai, the HCMC People’s Committee Chairman, highly appreciated AISVN's facilities and curriculum.

Being located on a 65,000 sqm campus in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, AISVN is the largest international school in HCMC. In 2010, the school started providing to provide the IB Diploma Programmme. By far, AISVN has been officially authorized by the IBO to deliver the gold-standard IB Continuum programme to students from Early Years to Grade 12 with a strong focus on upholding Vietnamese cultural heritage. The school also received accreditation from the CIS (Council of International Schools) and the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges.) Our commitment to a high-quality education is once again reflected in the carefully recruited faculty population from all over the world, with 100% of teachers holding appropriate qualifications in international education. 60% have a Master's degree, 5%  possess a Doctorate and all are enthusiastic about working with young children.

Although our instructional language is English, AISVN has a strong dedication to promoting Vietnamese values through various activities embedded in the learning program. Sharing about the school’s achievements in recent years, Mr. Phan Van Mai tremendously appreciated AISVN's effort to optimize the teaching facilities and provide a high-standard international curriculum. These factors promise a competent future workforce that benefits from innovative education and contributes back to the country's economy and prosperity.

AISVN's 6.5-hectare-campus in Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC

Each building of the school facilities is designed specifically for each grade level in the Elementary and Secondary School. Both buildings include a vast Library, Art Workshop, Music Studio, Drama Room, Science Labs, and fully equipped classrooms to help students develop core and specialist subjects. In addition to our classrooms, AISVN has carved out other educational spaces such as; gardens, playgrounds, outdoor soccer fields, sports complex, gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, and an indoor swimming pool with unique water heating systems, all of which promote physical training activities. Aside from academic study, students can participate in many extracurricular programs and social activities, thereby developing transferable skills to prepare students for university, future careers, and successful integration into the real world. 

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HUBA members visiting AISVN's desk and inquiring about the IB Continuum programme

The combination of international standards in terms of facilities, the full IB curriculum, and the quality of teachers is to help students graduate by acquiring the most prestigious IB Diploma - a diploma recognized by the best universities worldwide.

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