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Summer program at school is set up based on the assumption that all students will grow and develop in verbal and written communication, reading skills, and comprehension of English. We also recognize that not all learners will acquire skills and knowledge at the same rate. Therefore, the goals of the summer program are to improve student’s competency in understanding and producing academic and social English language, to decode the written word, comprehend the written word, and produce written language. Creative and fun activities embedded in the curriculum make this program highly effective and productive. Learn and still have so much fun in summer time!


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In the past 8 years, AISVN has successfully built and continued to offer a broad range of summer study abroad programs for students. Besides the benefit of experiencing the culture and customs of the country they study in, students also receive an excellent introduction to studying at university abroad. Native and K-12 qualified teachers in subjects such as history, culture, or academic English, deliver the program curriculum based on AISVN student needs. In addition to academic study, students also participate in activities at the university, company visits, leadership projects, sightseeing tours, outdoor events and cultural entertainment.

Countries selected for previous Summer Study Abroad are U.S.A., Malaysia and Singapore.



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