Students strengthen their knowledge through Academic Support activities


Every Monday, the high school students who would like to strengthen their Math and Physics knowledge can join an academic support hour with Ms. Angela Zaragoza, a Math teacher at the American International School Vietnam (AISVN). This activity was initiated by Ms. Angela with the initial goal of helping students in grades 11 and 12 to master these difficult subjects and prepare for the upcoming important exams. But the amazing thing is many students from other grades were also enthusiastic about attending.

During the first session, Ms. Angela and her students reviewed the basic skills of Math, such as writing numbers in scientific notation, or vectors, which are widely used in many scientific disciplines. The students were actively engaged and were eager to memorize and apply the knowledge they gained right away, as a result, the mini-games Ms. Angela integrated was well received.

At the end of the session, students were asking the right questions, which was encouraging to Ms. Angela. It was clear they wanted to explore and delve deeper. They wanted to go further and apply the concepts in applicable scenarios.

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