Each school building (Elementary & Secondary) has a clinic staffed with qualified doctors and nurses. The clinics provide health services for common symptoms and immediate treatment for mild injuries. The clinic staff work to keep our students and staff healthy, to monitor illnesses and to maintain infection within the school. The school doctor and nurses can administer prescription medicines and administer general first aid. The clinic staff work closely with the cafeteria, teachers, and school administration to promote a healthy and safe environment for all school members.


Our school cafeteria service is provided by Global Cafe, an excellent on-site food provider. School meals are prepared and cooked on site daily to ensure that all children enjoy a sensible and balanced diet. Lunch menu is offered in a buffet style with a good variety of western and local foods. A wide range of healthy snacks including fresh fruits, yoghurt, dairy products, fruit juices and healthy desserts are available at the counter. Students may also bring their own lunchbox, if they prefer.

Food options include includes:

● Noodle station
● Custom sandwich
● Hot dishes
● Vegetarian options
● Fruit/dessert
● Smoothie Station

Transportation Service

Our AISVN school bus service provides a high standard of safety and dependability. With 80 buses, 80 bus drivers and 72 bus guardians AISVN school bus transportation service is the largest school bus fleet of its kind in all of Ho Chi Minh City. It currently has 50 pick-up points in 14 districts around the city. Services are available within the parameters of Ho Chi Minh city, depending on the route or the number of students registered for the service in the area. All trips are closely monitored by the Transportation Service Coordinator, transport staff, bus drivers and bus guardians. Bus guardians ensure the safety and well-being of students whilst travelling on, boarding and alighting from the school bus.
For further information about our bus service, please contact the Transportation Department at 
(+8428) 3780 0909 - Ext. 8720.
Or email:

Eagle Shop

Our school shop stocks school uniforms, sports uniforms, hats, water bottles and basic school stationery. It is open Monday through Friday from 7:45am - 4:00pm. The Eagle Shop is located in Building E.

Eagle CAFE

Need a hip social hub to catch up and drink something refreshing?
The Eagle Cafe offers a relaxing space and a menu of healthy drinks to get the school community energized. It is open Monday through Friday from 7:45am - 4:00pm.
The Eagle Cafe is located in the Administration Building and Secondary Building
eagle cafe