Student groups - Preparation step for success at universities


Among schools in the United States and other developed countries, student-led activities play an important role and the Student Council is often the most popular one. In addition to the Student Council, there are many other clubs and organizations that help students enhance their experience and skills besides academics.

Participating in club activities not only helps students widen their network, practice teamwork, explore and deepen their passions but also allow them the opportunities to be offered scholarships when entering universities. These activities act as the environment that nurtures and trains students with necessary skills for the future, therefore many universities regard the active members of the Student Council highly, especially those who play the key roles.

Young Leaders

Student members of these groups have the opportunities to exercise a diversity of skills such as public speaking, collaborating in groups, or simply confidently expressing their own opinions. This group of students are usually highly regarded for their leadership skills thanks to their experience in organizing activities as well as operating the groups effectively.

Many student organizations have a complete real-life structure with roles and functions such as club president, media and communications, resource manager, and treasurer. Students learn how to assign tasks and coordinate with each other to achieve the highest efficiency in a variety of activities organized by themselves from start to finish. With the background knowledge in financial management from social studies subjects or experience in teamwork projects, these groups are examples of integrity and transparency, which are indispensable qualities in leadership positions.

Student Council

This is a student-led and student-managed organization with the role of representing the voice and interests of students to work with the School’s Administrators. Student Councils may vary in size from school to school, but the structure will include the Executive Board and representatives from each grade or grade level. At the American International School Vietnam (AISVN), the Secondary School Student Council consists of 5 Executive Board members and 14 representatives from grades 6-12.

All members have gone through the process of campaigning and public voting. This not only ensures the interests of students in general but also helps the members of the Student Council strive to perfect their skills to bring the greatest benefit to the student body.

Due to the demand of being attached to the school life, Student Council and its members must be present in all activities, such as being the host for school-wide activities, advocating for social movements and events… They can also be the initiators of fund-raising activities through bake sales, no-uniform day, or shaving the Dean’s hair to raise cancer awareness. The most anticipated event of the year - the 10-12th graders' Prom Night - is one of the biggest annual events the Student Council runs. It can be said that the action and dedication of the members are the factors that help the Student Council gain a lot of trust from both teachers and students. This is also the factor that makes Student Council members highly appreciated when applying to universities.

AISVN Ambassadors and other clubs

AISVN Ambassadors is a student group with a similar history as the Student Council, with a focus on community activities in general. Recently the AISVN Ambassadors aims to contribute to the goal of Ending Poverty in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

With an emphasis on volunteering activities, the AISVN Ambassadors is associated with annual fundraising events that are widely supported by many students such as Halloween Night, Gift delivery service during Christmas and Valentine's Day,… Thanks to the funds raised from these activities, the AISVN Ambassadors can represent the entire school community to share with the less fortunate. During the 2020-2021 school year, AISVN Ambassadors collaborated with the Charity Vegetarian Kitchen of Bao Van Pagoda to support meals for patients at the Oncology Hospital.

In addition to the two groups mentioned above, students at AISVN can also join other groups and clubs with different criteria and tasks such as the AISVN Student Newsletter Team, Eco-Environment Club, or Global Information Network Club... Putting students in a leadership role in club activities not only help them develop their ownership as well as creative thinking and problem-solving but also create a premise for them to participate in other social groups in the future.

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