Sports Beauty and Successful Entrepreneur


Class of 2020, Phu Bao Nghi aka Rose was awarded a $20,000 USD Scholarship for “Academic Excellence and Future Leader” at Hult International Business School. After attending her first year, she was granted another full scholarship by UEF-University of Economics and Finance. Ultimately she decided to reside in Vietnam, to pursue a degree in International Business and already has plans to continue with a Master Degree in Psychology shortly after. Staying in Vietnam will also allow her to continue to compete in future pageants such as Miss World Vietnam or Miss Earth.

Rose recently won the title of "Sports Beauty", combined with her passion in health and fitness plus her love of sports, she launched her first business. She opened her first company, a gym in Hanoi called XStudio.   As an entrepreneur, reminiscing about high school “I genuinely miss my time at AISVN; our school environment and curriculum really shaped me. I felt more comfortable with presenting, and have become a confident public speaker.” Aside from modeling and competing in beauty pageants, Rose began to take on MC and Event Host roles which she attributed to her experience at AISVN.  During her time at school, Rose  gained a lot of practice in the different roles she held; as President of the Athletic Council, Captain of the Volleyball team, representative class speaker at school assemblies and admin of MUN. She also participated in a multitude of community work, and Shelves of Hope is one of the many projects at AISVN that she’s proud of, which led to help build a library for an orphanage.

She believes that beauty contests in general are not just about beauty, instead a really great way to spread a positive message and to give back to the community. Rose said with determination, “I want to be an advocate for children’s wellness, both physical and mental, and this platform will give me a better reach”.

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