English as an Additional Language

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Co-Teaching & Support

EAL Specialists use various models of co-teaching to support learning in the classroom. A strong co-teaching partnership is a result of collaboration and effective communication between content teachers and EAL specialists. This model helps to ensure delivery of the curriculum in the most effective way, ensuring each student is afforded the proper support needed.

Curriculum Planning

Unit plans are designed in grade level or content-specific teams, which include an EAL specialist. As content standards are unpacked and assessments designed, EAL specialists help to ensure the information is accessible to all students. Content-specific teachers are responsible for creating assessments and lesson plans and EAL specialists differentiate and create language supports for students.

Differentiation & Scaffolding

EAL specialists help teachers differentiate content, product and processes of learning. For example, EAL specialists create sentence frames, graphic organizers or recommend leveled readings within content areas, help to create differentiated assessments that are equally challenging, but allow students to demonstrate understanding in different ways, or recommend different learning strategies, such as grouping students for cooperative learning activities. Specialists also utilize Translanguaging, a strategy that uses native language to reinforce or enhance concept understanding.

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