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AISVN Open House welcomed parents to learn about the IB programmes

AISVN's March Open House allowed parents to meet with the school administrators and discuss the benefits students get from IB Continuum Programme - the curriculum which is among the Top 3 of the world.

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Innovative International Education - Vietnamese Values

The curriculum, the teachers' skills, and the learning facility are all fundamental factors that contribute...

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AISVN Open House 2022-2023

Understanding that considering a school for your children may bring lots of concerns in finance...

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The Laboratories allow for “Hands on Experiments”

Natural Science subjects always require high practical application, therefore, The American International School Vietnam pays...

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Visit the international school in HCMC with vast green space

AISVN is recognized as the largest school in Ho Chi Minh City with a total...

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Sublimation of emotions in the subject of Music

Benefits of Music At AISVN, the Secondary building has three music classrooms on the 5th...

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International indoor multi-purpose sports complex

American International School Vietnam (ASVN) is proud to own the largest and modern indoor multi-purpose...

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AISVN activities in the winter course program

Are you interested in equipping your children with more skills during the upcoming 3-week Winter...

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AISVN library provides unlimited resources

Located in the lobby of the Secondary building, the library has an area of ​​1000m2...

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