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Welcome to the wonderful world of the AISVN Middle School, a time for students to continue the learning journey from childhood in the Elementary School to young adulthood in the High School. Middle School is a time to further cultivate study habits and skills as well as for our students to show social, emotional, and metacognitive growth. At AISVN, it is a place where we feel safe and we feel we belong, learning is purposeful and manageable, and we allow time for students and teachers to preview and reflect.

Starting in Grade 6, we begin the first 3 years of the IBMYP Curriculum Framework, valuing student inquiry and conceptual learning that connects the classroom to the outside world. Our students show our core values of leadership and scholarship through the IB's Approaches to Learning (ATLs), Key Concepts, and Global Contexts. (https://www.ibo.org/programmes/middle-years-programme/). Here is the course chart:

Middle School Course Chart


In addition, our core values of generosity and esteem are demonstrated through our Eagle Service Learning Program. In grade 6, students learn about empathy, social justice, and being a member of a local and global community in their Eagle class. In grades 7 & 8, students put these ideas into action through our Junior Service Learning Clubs. Following the ideals of the Global Issue Network's mission to "recognize and nurture youth empowerment", students use the United Nations Sustainable goals to create initiatives for positive changes in the school, local, and global communities.

Finally, we understand that our core values of resilience and engagement are essential to success in all areas of schooling. We believe that every student has the potential for remarkable achievements but may need some assistance along the way. That is why we include Advisory time into our timetable for the holistic development of the student and a time for our students to connect with a caring mentors and peers. In addition, we are proud of our Student Support Team, which offers additional academic, behavioral, social and emotional assistance through Multi-Tiered Support Systems. This team, which includes our deans, counselors, and English as An Additional Language and Learning Needs specialists has designed support systems to ensure equitable and sustainable learning for all of our students and to establish clear communication channels for a successful school/home partnership.

It has been and continues to be my pleasure to serve the AISVN family and I continue to be amazed at the energy, passion, and success shown by our Middle School students. I look forward to seeing the incredible performances and academic achievements through the school years that this school year will bring. Keep living and keep learning!

Best regards,
Joanne Valere

Ben Martin
Middle School Principal
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