"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” - Ignacio Estrada

At AISVN the well-being, safety and happiness of our students is of the utmost importance.

This is not just a statement, but a belief that children learn better when they feel safe and happy.

The day to day student life and curriculum are designed to encourage play, fully engaged students, and enjoyable learning experiences. The promotion of personal and social development of our children runs through all learning, activities and events.

At the heart of an education at AISVN are positive and caring relationships - with peers, teachers and support staff. A caring approach, learning together with clear expectations on behavior and interactions which allow children to feel safe and supported, and have greater responsibility and ownership for shaping their own behavior.

We recognise that, from time to time, children develop needs where they will benefit from individual support. AISVN maintains a student support service that addresses academic, social, emotional and child protection concerns. Much of this is within school, and our growing links with community services allows us to offer even more specialist support services.

Learning Support

The Elementary Learning Support (LS) program at AISVN provides specifically designed instruction in the areas of reading, mathematics, and written language to any student who demonstrates a need for this type of additional help. The program also reaches out to our younger learners and addresses areas such as motor skills and early language development. In addition to the academic areas, we serve students who have needs with social and emotional development. Further information can be found in our Wellbeing Handbook. Learning Support teachers assist in the search for the reasons behind the struggle and then provide creative and researched-based strategies, interventions and resources to guide the student back onto a pathway for success. Support may take place in the student’s classroom, or in an appropriate learning environment outside the classroom when more skill-specific instruction is required.

One-to-One Support

When a student requires specific one-to-one support, the school will endeavor to source a support person and the financial responsibility will rest with the family. Whilst AISVN has open admissions, it is not our aim to admit students whose needs cannot be met through the regular LS program; however, it is possible that when very young students are admitted to the school a diagnosis of needs can only be made as they grow older. We provide targeted learning support services for students having difficulties with learning, behavior or social and emotional well-being. These services are delivered via Learning Support teachers within the Student Support Team (SST).

Learning Support

  • Support any student who needs additional help
  • Identify students with specific learning needs through a referral process
  • Work in partnership with Homeroom teachers, all specialist teachers and parents
  • In class support (Inclusion)
  • Pull out support when needed
  • Collaborate with teachers to provide resources and strategies to support specific learning needs in the classroom
  • Provide information to parents regarding outside agency support (Speech, OT, PT) if appropriate
  • Assess and monitor throughout the year


It is our belief that all students benefit from a comprehensive school counseling program. It is our mission that every AISVN Elementary Student will have access to school counseling services and will be fully supported in social, emotional and academic development. The Elementary School counseling program at AISVN is based on the American School Counseling Association's National Model for School Counselors. The ASCA model is the model in which certified school counselors in the United States are trained and it provides a framework for program implementation. Our counseling program is implemented through three main direct services including individual support, small group support, and classroom guidance.