A combination of the below principles defines what we believe to be high quality learning and teaching at AISVN.


We believe that personal connection is essential to create an inclusive environment that fosters feelings of safety and support.

High Expectations

We foster a culture of engagement and responsibility that inspires high levels of personal achievement.

Growth Mindset

We believe learners can reach their full potential by responding to challenges with a positive attitude.   We view challenges as opportunities that help us to grow and learn.

Goal Setting

We set ambitious goals to give our learning purpose and meaning.   We are self-driven, our goals are relevant and actionable, which directs our future learning.


We provide feedback that is specific, timely and helpful.   We understand that feedback/feedforward is most effective when learners have the opportunity to use the information to improve future performance.   We share feedback that is supportive yet challenging and inspiring.


We believe that all learners can make responsible choices and become thoughtful leaders.   We are empowered to take action and make a difference.