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The curriculum, the teachers' skills, and the learning facility are all fundamental factors that contribute to the children's overall development. Families' agreement to uphold a mutual set of values and an educational philosophy are also key. Rather than just providing coherence in the teaching and learning, this collaboration also supports students to attain the stability and well-being they need for future success or the academic journey each one will pursue.

At American International School Vietnam (AISVN), this set of Vietnamese Values is an essential part of the school's mission and vision, which helps students be proud of who they are.

AISVN guides students to be proud advocate of the Vietnamese cultural heritage
AISVN guides students to be proud advocates of the Vietnamese cultural heritage

Educators worldwide have a common consensus that learning in home language stimulates children's cognitive, academic and social growth.

The set of 4 Vietnamese Values mutually agreed throughout the AISVN community
The set of 4 Vietnamese Values mutually agreed throughout the AISVN community

These Vietnamese Values that our community proudly advocate are: Family, Education, Respect, and Personal Responsibility.

  • Family: Our school is an extension of our family which is a safe learning environment with adults and peers who welcome, support and care for us even when we make mistakes.
  • Education: We acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that enhance our understanding of ourselves and our world.
  • Respect: We respect ourselves and others and see value in everyone through our actions, words and relationships.
  • Personal Responsibility: We understand our role and we take responsibility for our actions and choices.

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