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Warm greetings from the AISVN High School.

As your child enters his or her cultimating years of secondary education, AISVN continues with its commitment to provide students with the most robust and dynamic approaches to learning, one that prepares your child to enroll in competitive universities around the world and to be global leaders in Vietnam and beyond.

This foundation is built by offering rigorous curriculum through the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP) frameworks, providing students with exciting and meaningful experiences and engaging our entire community in thoughtful collaboration. At AISVN, high school students choose between the American High School Diploma with IB Courses Program or the IB Diploma Program. Both diploma programs provide a strong foundation for admission to colleges and universities worldwide. Click here for High School Course Map.

The IB DP is widely regarded as the best pre-university course for high school students, recognized by top universities around the world. And we are tremendously proud that the IB Diploma results for the 2019 AIS graduating class had an average grade of 33.8, which is well above the world average of 29.6. To further strengthen this inquiry-based approach to learning, we have implemented the MYP framework in our secondary program for our grade 9 and 10 students, preparing them even more fully for success in the DP in grades 11 and 12. The IB’s approach to learning complements AISVN’ commitment to the holistic development of our students, focusing not only on developing strong academics but also the social and emotional characteristics that are necessary for post-secondary success in today’s world.

At AISVN, every moment is an opportunity to apply learning through inquiry in authentic ways, and so we encourage all of our students to do this by taking action in their communities through service learning, taking risks by seizing opportunities in and out of school, and reflecting on how each of these experiences helps them make sense of the world around them.

We are privileged to engage in this work with a deeply dedicated and professional faculty who appreciate the strength that lies in collaboration with one another, our specialists, and our families - all in pursuit of our common goal to prepare our students for success and fulfillment as global leaders.

Click here for more information about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program


Joanne Valere

Viki Yang
High School Principal
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