Joanna Parker

IB Research Librarian

United Kingdom

M.A., Library and Information Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K.
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), University of Sunderland, Sunderland, U.K.

Ms. Joanna is a specialist in reading and learning partnerships; increasing literacy rates in children and young adults and promoting reading for pleasure. She had over 13-year experience working as a Service Manager for a Schools Library Service in the UK where she planned and embedded strategies to improve reading with young children in schools. Ms. Joanna is an advocate in the promotion of reading. She strongly believes that through the enjoyment of reading a child’s future potential and life chances will be increased economically, socially and healthily. Ms. Joanna is joined by her partner from the UK and has lived in HCMC from 2014.



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