Andrew Ritchie

Upper Elementary Dean of Students

United Kingdom

M.A, Health Promoting, Practice, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, U.K.
Diploma in Counseling Children and Adolescent, Stonebidge College, Cornwall, U.K.

Mr. Andrew (Mr. Andy) joined ΛIS in August, 2015 with 11 years of teaching experience; 9 of which have been overseas. He began teaching as an ESL teacher in Thailand before working in international school education as a special needs teacher. Following this time overseas, Mr. Andy returned to the U.K to start a family and pursued a career in community development and counselling. After working with various children’s charities in the U.K and overseas for 12 years, Mr. Andy returned to teaching normally and has taught in the U.K and in Singapore. Mr. Andy joined ΛIS with his wife, Ms. Thida and their daughter Tarah.

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