At AISVN, we believe that athletics are an extension of the classroom and a critical part of every student’s personal growth. Through athletics, students learn lifelong lessons including: discipline, working as a team, persistence, hard work, and goal setting. Athletics also provides an opportunity for students to develop the self-confidence needed to compete. Our goal is to construct an athletic program that is recognized throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Southeast Asia as a model for athletic and academic superiority.

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AISVN is involved in the Saigon International School Athletic Conference (SISAC) across 12 schools in Ho Chi Minh City. We involve sporting teams at the elementary, middle and high school level. Through this, AISVN competes in the major sports seasons of Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer. The students of AISVN are also competitive in Athletics, Swimming and Badminton. AISVN is also the only school in the SISAC conference with a high school cheerleading team.
Students that are selected for the teams will represent the student body and play under the AISVN Eagle banner. All our student-athletes must maintain high levels of academics to participate in the inter school competition. Students will benefit from being involved in these teams through teamwork, resilience, dedication to training and overall healthier lifestyles. Our coaching staff is highly qualified and strives to educate the students to the best of their ability. We represent AISVN on and off the field with great sportsmanship, strong participation and overall love of the sports we play. As the Eagles, we always aim to fly high above the rest.