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Experiential Learning Program At AISVN

Experiential Learning Program is a compulsory component of the curriculum and considered an essential component of each students’ learning. The program will give students the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences that invite their reflection and evaluation. For teachers, our program will give them a unique opportunity to enrich the minds of their students in authentically engaging ways. Moreover, an ultimate goal of experiential learning is to provide students with opportunities to develop and practice attitudes such as resilience, tenacity, curiosity and self-direction. Experiential learning cultivates these attitudes as students:
  • apply knowledge,
  • access real-time instruction and immediate feedback,
  • refine teamwork and communication skills,
  • develop reflective habits, and
  • gain instant accomplishment and growth.
Each grade will have several opportunities to challenge their learning outside of the classroom. Parents will be informed of each experience and all the pertinent details of that experience.

Experiential Learning Program at AISVN consists of 2 types:

  1. Experiential Learning Activities for Kham Pha to Grade 12 students (occurring during the school day, both within and outside of the school).
  2. Experiential Learning Week for Grade 2 to Grade 12 students (replaces the regular school day schedule with grade and developmentally appropriate learning activities for a designated period during the year)
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