Establishing core values for developing academic capacity.


American International School Vietnam (AISVN) focuses on helping students develop their inner values through learning content, hands-on activities, creativity and connections to nature. These morale boosters include confidence in sharing, creative freedom, positive feedback, and personal choice.

Grade 1 students learn the subject "How the World works" through the inquiry-based learning method.

With the inquiry-based learning method, the organization of the teaching content according to the interdisciplinary themes of the International Baccalaureate Program combines the knowledge of numerous subjects, such as mathematics, experimental sciences, language and literature, arts. It is the foundation for students to acquire and apply directly from primary school and develop at later levels of education. Throughout the school year, elementary students in each grade will work together on six interdisciplinary themes:

1. Who we are

2. Where we are in place and time

3. How we express ourselves

4. How the world works

5. How we organize ourselves

6. Sharing the planet

Grade 4 students design and manufacture their own performance costumes.(Source: Instagram channel of @aisvn_es_art)
Rehearsal of 'Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies'

When new parents visit the AISVN, they marvel at the costumes and accessories designed by elementary school students from the play 'Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies'. These products are exhibited in the lobby of Building B. During the project, students try many steps to organize a complete dramatic performance, including scriptwriting, costume design and set design. They also perform on stage. This project, which runs through the school year, is a great opportunity for each student to learn how to work as a group, organize their work and demonstrate their strengths at each step.

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