At AISVN our goal is to encourage our students to read for pleasure. Our campus has two libraries which cater for all of our students from Early years to Grade 12.

During recent times where we have been affected by COVID we have seen students become isolated from their usual social routines combined with increased pressure to continue their studies online. Our families also have had further demands placed upon them to continue with normal daily and academic routines. 

A report by The Reading Agency, UK looked into the benefits of reading for pleasure.  The report found “Strong evidence” linked between reading for pleasure and achieving higher education outcomes.

reading for pleasure
Grade 6 students at their reading time.

Other benefits of reading included

One crucial point highlighted in the report was that the benefits detailed above were most likely to take place when a student read by their own choice. 

A student enjoying his reading time at the elementary library.

At AISVN we have recently launched our new ebook collection, Sora. This is available free of charge to all of our student community. Our collections include Picture books, Young Fiction and also Graphic Novels. (Even our most reluctant readers enjoy reading Graphic Novels!)

For further information about choosing appropriate books and accessing our new Sora ebook collection please email us at

Further information about the benefits for reading for pleasure and details about the report cited above can be found at,and%20dementia%2C%20and%20improved%20wellbeing.

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