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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

AISVN is committed to preparing students to become multilingual global citizens. Language acquisition in our program, seeks to respect and preserve each student’s culture and traditions. AISVN firmly believes -- and research consistently supports -- that students thrive when immersed with their classmates in an English as an Additional Language (EAL) learning environment. We thus dedicate ourselves to fostering language acquisition and growth within the classroom setting, where more proficient students expand their linguistic competence through promoting the understanding of their peers, while less proficient students benefit from the stimulation of a language-rich environment.

As an EAL program we value:

  • Adding English to native language with goal of bilingualism
  • Learning English through content
  • Fostering individual cultural beliefs and identity
At AISVN, we aim to ensure that every one of our students will be equipped for success not only within our rigorous IB program, but also for the challenges they will face at university and throughout their careers. AISVN utilizes a collaborative immersion co-teaching model, in which students acquire English language and subject-specific knowledge simultaneously. This instructional model is widely known as “content and language integrated learning”. (CLIL). Rather than separate or “pull-out” our less proficient English language learners from their more proficient classmates, we have sixteen highly qualified EAL specialists who co-plan and co-teach with homeroom or content teachers. AISVN understands that our student population is majority English language learners, so every teacher must think of themselves as a teacher of language and needs to be equipped with research-based EAL methods and strategies to promote optimal learning for each student. Our EAL program model helps to ensure that the needs of each individual learner are met.
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