What can students learn from creating their own students news?

In this blog, I would like to explore the question: what can students learn from creating their own Student News? At AISVN our students are currently approaching the end of their third year of providing regular news for our school community. This week will mark the 50th episode of AISVN Student News and it seems […]

An AISVN 4th Grade PYP Journey: The Makings of Integrating a Musical Production for Authentic Learning through ‘How We Organize Ourselves’. What Has the Learning Looked Like?

In the Classroom We knew the students would have to know the story of “Robin Hood” inside and out and it became the driving force behind our first PYP unit of ‘How We Express Ourselves’. Our EAL specialists, David Arnold and Kanako Suwa, devised a plan to scaffold the story by introducing it through a […]

Culture and Context in Schools

In early March I took the opportunity to take a school leadership workshop offered by the IB called ‘’Leading with an understanding of culture and context’’. The facilitator was Ms. Darlene Fisher Ed.D., a very experienced IB school leader.  The virtual workshop focused on how national and organizational cultures interact and impact on beliefs, values […]

What does money tell us?

Have you ever looked closely at the money you use? Mr. Rob Stevenson’s 6th grade Visual Art classes begin their exploration of the MYP with a unit on currency. As the 6th graders discover, there are worlds of information on those small pieces of paper in our wallets. Analyze  Mr. Rob shows his classes bank […]

Reading for Pleasure

At AISVN our goal is to encourage our students to read for pleasure. Our campus has two libraries which cater for all of our students from Early years to Grade 12. During recent times where we have been affected by COVID we have seen students become isolated from their usual social routines combined with increased […]

Using Augmented Reality for Learning

What is Augmented Reality Augmented Reality (AR) is the connection with, and enhancement of, the physical world with digital objects.  AR to Simulate Human Impact on the Environment Our elementary students have been using AR Makr (free on the Apple App Store) to extend their inquiries into the impact of humans on the environment. As […]

An AISVN 4th Grade PYP Journey: The Makings of Integrating a Musical Production for Authentic Learning through How We Organize Ourselves.

In our quest to become the best school in Vietnam, the AISVN 4th grade teachers and students have undertaken an integrated theatrical production of “Robin and The Sherwood Hoodies.” Integration is the keyword as we are not only integrating authentic learning for our unit of inquiry, “How We Organize Ourselves,” but we are also integrating […]

Constructing Central Ideas with Bilingual Learners

n this blog, I am sharing my experience of constructing central ideas with our Grade 5 bilingual learners. For our third unit on Ecosystems, the 5th graders explored types of ecosystems, and relationships and balance within ecosystems through various engagements, such as making their own artificial ecosystems, exploring our school’s nature, interacting with experts, enjoying […]

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