Beauty vlogger Chloe Nguyen: "Success comes when you are passionate and undeterred by hardships"


Graduating from the Class of 2015, Chloe Nguyen is a successful young Beauty Vlogger, with more than 350,000 subscribers from her Youtube channel, plus a substantial number of followers on Facebook and Instagram. The interesting thing is that Chloe started her first vlog during her final summer at the American International School Vietnam (AISVN), so how did she become such an influential and talented person?!

After graduating from AISVN, Chloe decided to attend RMIT University and obtained a bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing. Although she initially chose to study Finance, Chloe found herself dissatisfied and frankly did not excel at math, which made her reconsider her major. Her previous experience of making vlogs helped her realize her true passion. She decided to switch majors and pursued Digital Marketing. Grasping the trends at the time, beauty videos on Youtube were very popular and Chloe noticed there were not many Vietnamese vloggers. Finding a gap in the market, Chloe decided to build her media channel to connect with the Vietnamese audience. As she explored this idea, she undoubtedly faced many challenges such as: being afraid to speak in front of the camera, creating content, editing and balancing between school and her channel. It took her two years to become comfortable in front of the camera and to identify her niche.

As a content creator for youtube, every day is a working day, unless Chloe decides to schedule a day off for herself, weeks in advance. Her daily routine consists of waking up and immediately working on content, which means taking photos, recording videos, collaborating with other influencers, or attending events, meeting clients, or just staying at home to edit videos and images. In the beginning, Chloe edited most of the content herself for all of her channels. However due the growth of subscribers and fans, Chloe ultimately hired a content support team for her Youtube and Facebook channels, although she is still directly managing her own Instagram channel.

Any industry is met with competition – making vlogs is no exception, especially when social networks grow rapidly and the audience has far too many choices. When it comes to engaging the audiences and providing unique videos, extensive research, monetary and time investment are prerequisites. And if you want to be successful in any field, especially beauty, fashion, travel, or lifestyle, you must have passion otherwise it shows. Chloe further shared, vlogging is really not an easy job, if you don't love it, it won't last long and viewers can right through it. She went on to emphasize the importance of being yourself. Nevertheless, you can't please everyone and there may be people who don't connect with you, but don't be afraid to show your true self, eventually you will find people with the same vibe and interests, which means more than anything.

In order to survive and develop new ideas in the current saturated market, Chloe actively researches and makes a variety of content and only publishes the best results. Chloe believes that it is vital to try many different things, if it is not suitable for you, confidently make a change, and true grit and passion will help you succeed.

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