After School Activities

ASA program aims to create well balanced students, academically and socially through developmental and age-appropriate activities that are not offered at home or within the context of the regular teaching and learning program.


Developmental Swim
Time: 3:30PM to 4:45PM
Grade: 1-12
Date - No. of class:  Thursday - 9 classes
Tuesday - 11 classes
No. of participation:   20-30
Provider: AISVN Lifeguards

This course will focus on giving students who know how to swim (can swim more than 25 meters using swimming strokes (Delete)) an opportunity to improve their techniques, build on their skills, train for fitness and enjoyment. This course requires the training of 1-2 days per week on Tuesday and Thursday. The max cap for each day is 30 students with two coaches. The minimum number of enrolled students required for each day is 20.
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