AISVN Elementary students receiving their first Covid-19 vaccine jabs


With the agreement from Elementary School's families, American International School Vietnam (AISVN) has been working closely with the Nha Be Health Department to vaccinate over a hundred students against Covid-19 in late April. The students who were subject to the vaccination range from Grade 1-5 (equivalent to 6-10 years old). By spreading the crowd in a large area and grouping grades into different time frames, it allowed the school and the clinic staff to better observe and regulate the vaccination site.

Parents who accepted the vaccination plan have shown up with their children for medical clarification and temperature check at the school entrance. Similar to previous process applied to Secondary students, young members of the AISVN community demonstrated an admirable patience as they waited for screening, injecting, and post-injection monitoring. 5K regulations were strictly followed on-site to ensure safety for the entire community.

Phụ huynh hoàn thành các thủ tục cần thiết cho công tác chủng ngừa Covid-19 tại trường
Phụ huynh hoàn thành các thủ tục cần thiết cho công tác chủng ngừa Covid-19 tại trường
Parents completing required papers for the Covid-19 vaccination at school

As of now, AISVN has recorded 39% of surveyed parents allowing their children from 5 years old to receive the first injection against Covid-19; the rest were subject to various heath-related reasons e.g., positive tested students, being unqualified for vaccination, or not being allowed by parents. In the age group of 12 and above, around 44% have finished their second shots.

Học sinh Cấp Tiểu học từ lớp 1-5 (tương đương 6-10 tuổi) được tiêm mũi 1 tại trường
Elementary students from Grade 1-5 (6-10 years old) receiving their first vaccine shot at school

Although the pandemic situation has been significantly deescalated in the recent time, the school hopes that the vaccination program for children from 5 years old will help boost herd immunity and bring a sense of security to the entire school community.

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