AISVN and VietinBank offer financial solutions to parents through a mutual agreement


As part of our plan to build "A high-standard IB education ecosystem," American International School Vietnam's (AISVN) and Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade – Branch 4 (VietinBank)  officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement on 24th May 2022. This cooperation allows both parties to offer financial solutions to various AISVN parents, enabling students to learn in the global top-tiered innovative international education.

Ông Barry Sutherland - Tổng Hiệu trưởng AISVN và Ông Đồng Xuân Hùng - Giám đốc VietinBank - Chi nhánh 4
Mr. Barry Sutherland - AISVN Head of School and Mr. Dong Xuan Hung - Director of VietinBank Branch 4

Sustainable finance is key to approaching a high-standard education

AISVN is currently considered the largest international school in Ho Chi Minh City. The school provides a massive 6.5-hectare campus with cutting-edge learning equipment and a highly qualified faculty body. The school is authorized by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) to provide the IB Continuum programme to students from 3 years old to Grade 12. Due to many rigorous requirements, AISVN is one of the few international schools in Vietnam qualified to deliver this honorable teaching program. Therefore, parents who wish their children to pursue this pathway need a solid financial plan that enables a sustainable education in the long run.

As part of our ambition to "Increase the quality of human resources education and training in Vietnam," AISVN partnered with VietinBank Branch 4 to develop flexible solutions, allowing more approachable interest rates for tuition fee payment. The "0% interest rate instalment plan" that the school provides in partnership with VietinBank is expected to support parents in making an attainable financial scheme for students' education. AISVN also declared its educational investment offers to staff members of the bank when they put their children in the school.

Ensuring student's sustainable education in the IB curriculum

Ông Đồng Xuân Hùng - Giám đốc Ngân hàng Thương mại Cổ phần Công thương Việt Nam Chi nhánh 4 phát biểu tại buổi ký kết
Mr. Dong Xuan Hung - Director of VietinBank Branch 4, made his statement

Mr. Dong Xuan Hung, Director of VietinBank Branch 4, shared that the MOU signing ceremony concluded fruitful working progress between the two parties. The cooperation of AISVN with VietinBank promises lots of valuable outcomes for both the school and the bank in the coming time. Following this good news, VietinBank commits to providing AISVN and its network with the best banking services to empower the mutual agreement efficiently.

Tổng Hiệu trưởng trường AISVN - ông Barry Sutherland phát biểu
Mr. Barry Sutherland, AISVN Head of School, gave a speech at the ceremony

The AISVN Head of School, Mr. Barry Sutherland, stated: "Through this "Financial Aid" program from AISVN and VietinBank, parents who have children studying at AISVN are subject to an interest waived instalment of up to 12 months. Instead, the school and the companion bank will sponsor all the applicable fees. Our wish is to support parents in financing their children's education of 12 to 15 years in the International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. Through this effort, the school implies a desire to promote further a high-quality curriculum's sustainable benefits students can acquire. They will then contribute even more to the community and the country's future socio-economical development."

Lễ ký kết hợp thỏa thuận hợp tác giữa AISVN và VietinBank
The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between AISVN and VietinBank

The press conveys information the "0% interest rate Instalment Plan" offered by the school and VietinBank Branch 4 in HCMC.

We would also like to say thank you to all the newspapers and media organizations for spreading the word about this event.

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AISVN and VietinBank offer financial solutions to parents through a mutual agreement

Parents who have their children studying at AISVN can get a waiver on instalment interest for up to 12 months through the "0% interest rate Instalment Plan" offered by the school and VietinBank Branch 4 in HCMC.
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