After School Activities

ASA program aims to create well balanced students, academically and socially through developmental and age-appropriate activities that are not offered at home or within the context of the regular teaching and learning program.


Time: 3:30PM to 4:45PM
Date: 1-2 days/ week (Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays)    
Session 1: August to November
Session 2: November to January
Session 3:  February to May


With confirmed acceptance onto one or more ASAs, students’ bus transportation (if registered) will automatically change to a 5:00pm bus following each day ASA activity. Thus, the drop off location will be the one parents selected for any activity that finishes outside of school hours.

If parents wish to make any changes to students’ drop off location then be sure to contact the School Office by 1.00pm on the day of the change.


An electronic invoice with total amount owed will be sent to the email account which parents registered with the school. 

Payment deadline: by the end of the first week of ASAs. Unsettled balance will result in automatic withdrawal from all activities.

Please note that there are few ASAs which are free of charge for students.

Withdrawing and missed ASA classes

Trial: each student is allowed to try an ASA class one time (during the first week of the ASA Session). If after the first class, students do not want to be in that class then they can withdraw with a full refund. Once students attend the second class then no refund will be given.

If students miss an ASA class due to their personal reasons, no refund will be given.  The only circumstance where the school must cancel the class are emergency case(s) and the school will find a make-up day for the cancelled class(es). Parents and students should also be aware that ASA class(es) might occur at the same time with some after school events during the school year and when this happens, no refund will be given.

Sign ups

  • First come first serve and must be done through the SOCS online system (
  • No limit to number of activities for sign-up as long as there is no conflict between activities.
  • Late sign-ups are not accepted once sign-up period is closed.

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