Calum Nicholson

Academic Technology Coordinator

United Kingdom

M.A., Politics and Film & TV Studies, University of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K.
M.A., Digital Technologies and Communication & Education, University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K.
PGCE, City of Birmingham University, Birmingham, U.K.
Diploma in English Language Teaching, Cambridge University, U.K.

Mr. Calum Nicholson joined ΛIS in August 2017. He has nearly 21 years’ experience teaching, teacher training and designing curriculum in a variety of learning contexts. He began his career teaching English in Poland in 1999 and has lived in Vietnam for 11 years. Mr. Calum has been a Program Leader and Course Designer for the Cambridge University Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies. He is interested in the challenges of preparing students for life in the 21st Century workplace through the integration of learning technologies in learning programs. Outside of work, Calum enjoys writing and performing music and has travelled extensively around Asia

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