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The IB Program

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The school is authorized to commence the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme from August 2010. Please make an appointment to see Mr. Tim if you wish to learn how to apply for the IB Diploma course of study. 

About the IB

The IB is widely regarded as the best pre-university course that is offered anywhere in the world. No other qualification is recognized by so many institutions in different countries and no other program prepares the student better for tertiary education and the world of work.

The IB Diploma is a comprehensive, two-year course and a rigorous academic program. It is designed as a pre-university program for students aged 16 to 19 years old. It is unique in that it is based on no particular national education system, but is a deliberate balance between the breadth and the specialization which is required by some country’s national systems. There are a wide range of courses designed to meet the interests and requirements of different students. The IB includes the Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) program, the Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course. Together, these offer IB students experiences and skills they will not find in other programs.

The IB encourages international-mindedness. That is, an understanding of global issues and a concern for others in our community and the broader world. The IB believes that students must also develop an understanding of their own cultural and national identity. Thus, all IB students study two languages. Through the IB students develop the skills to live and work in an international context which is essential for life in the 21st century. It provides a balanced education for the ‘whole’ student and provides excellent preparation for both university and adult life.

Universities prefer IB students because the IB curriculum develops a balanced variety of skills. IB graduates, with the range of subjects they have studied, have a greater choice of undergraduate programs. Employers, too, are increasingly looking for flexibility and adaptability, which is something all IB students are able to offer.

Further information can be found at the IB Website

Introduction about IB program [272 KB, PDF]

IB brochure [4600 KB, PDF]

IB Handbook:

AIS IB Handbook [336 KB, PDF]

IB Regulations and Responsibilities:

IB General Regulations [104 KB, PDF]

IB Learner Profile:

The IB Learner Profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose.

IB Learner Profile [1860 KB, PDF]

Academic Honesty Policy:

Academic Honesty Policy Guidebook [186 KB, PDF]

Language Policy:

AIS Language Policy [210 KB, PDF]

The IB Diploma Curriculum

Students taking the full IB Diploma Program choose six subjects, one from each of the six subject groups.

Three subjects are studied at Higher Level and three are studied at Standard Level.
All students also:
• Take the Theory of Knowledge, or TOK course
• Complete 150 hours of CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) activities and at least 50 hours in each component
• Write a 4,000 word Extended Essay on a topic of their choice, under the guidance of a teacher-supervisor.

The DP Circle, below, is the model for the Diploma Programme:


Below is a summary of the subject choices offered at /\IS for August 2011. One subject should be chosen from each group and no 2 subjects can be selected twice.

Note: N/A indicates that the subject is not available as an HL or an SL subject.

Further details about the IB Programme at /\IS can be obtained from:

IB Coordinator: Mr. Wes Thompson ( Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  )


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