Apply to ΛIS

1. Application Process

  • Fill out the application form
  • Pay the application fee 
  • Submit copies of the last three years of student report cards/transcripts (if applicable). Original copies are not required for admission assessment.

2. Entrance Assessment

The admission assessment determines the student’s level of English comprehension, communication ability and whether the student’s personality and attitude are compatible with the philosophy of ΛIS.

  • Parents schedule the assessment through the admission office.
  • Applicants for Grades K-12 will be assessed for English language proficiency in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • The approximate duration of the assessment is:


Assessment Method

Approximate Duration

Grades PK-K

 Observation of the applicant in a classroom setting

 Interview with parents

 15-30 minutes (Observation)

 10-15 minutes (Interview)

Grades K-2

 English Language Proficiency Test

 Up to 60 minutes

Grades 3-12

 English Language Proficiency Test

 Up to 90 minutes

3. Interview

Within 3-7 business days after the assessment and with the condition that the applicant has submitted all required documentation, the admission office will contact the parents and applicant to set up an interview with the Admission Manager and the school-level Associate Principal.

4. Notice of Admission Decision

  • Within three business days after the interview date, the school will send a formal letter with the admission decision to the applicant's family.
  • If enrollment is offered, parents must sign the acceptance letter and send it back to the admission office with a payment of the registration fee within seven business days (this fee is non-refundable and is not deductible from the tuition fee). After the seven-day period, the acceptance letter will expire and the school may offer the applicant’s place to another student.
  • If placement is not offered, the student is eligible to re-apply after 6 months and the application fee will apply at a discount of 50% within the 6-month period. After 6 months, the applicant must begin the entire application process again and pay the full application fee.
  • Failure to submit any of the required documents within 45 days from the offer letter issuance date will result in the revocation of acceptance. (Please refer to the "Admission Application Checklist").
  • Failure to submit any required fees in accordance with the fee schedule will result in the revocation of acceptance. 
  • If the school year begins within the 45-day period allowed for the submission of required documentation, a student may begin classes but must submit the required documentation within this time frame. Otherwise, the student may be prohibited from attending classes and all school functions.

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